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Vevomo is a digital event service designed by live event and production professionals. Using our proprietary framework, we create custom digital-first events that are an experience for your attendees and your brand.

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Virtual and Hybrid Events

One event. One audience.

Whether someone is attending an event online or in-person, their experience is equally important. Vevomo connects all attendees by providing robust text and video chat, keeps them engaged by providing interactive experiences, and makes sure they are seeing what they need to see based on segmentation.

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With chat that’s accessible from every aspect of the framework, it’s easy to stay connected. Every partner, every group, and every session has dedicated chat channels to enable instant communication.

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Interact with your audience in a session specific chat channel. Create a scavenger hunt with digital and physical prizes. Have a spontaneous video chat with a lead. We provide experiences designed to keep your attendees engaged.

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Need to send all sales people to the Excellence in Sales breakout? No problem. All VPs need a private group to discuss business decisions? On it. Audience segmentation makes it, and more, possible.


Connect to your CRM and unlock the power of your data

Vevomo collects data throughout the user experience. That data can provide a wealth of insights about whether your event was successful and engaging. Your event data becomes even more powerful when you connect it to your CRM. Follow-up with leads after they've viewed a piece of content, convert event leads into sales, and prove partner ROI.

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Exhibit hall

Provide partners and sponsors with opportunities to connect and promote

One of the things we’re hearing over and over is that partners and sponsors are not pleased with the options or the value they receive so far in virtual events.

Vevomo changes that by giving you a lot of options that showcase partners in ways that will make them want to be involved. They can show video, or have a chat channel to talk directly to attendees, or make appointments…video chats, anything they want.


Event production professionals and tech experts with you every step of the way

No support tickets. No unhelpful help desks. You have a dedicated team of experts working with you through every step of your event. From design to broadcast. You can contact us by video chat, text, phone ... we've got you.

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Vevomo chat panel

Unlimited chat

Bring the social back to your events

Our chat channels are more than just words. Turn any text chat into a face-to-face video call with the click of a button. Conversations, whether one-to-one or group, can quickly be taken to video at any time. See someone you know walk by in our 3D environment? Easily start a text or video chat with them and compare notes on the session you just attended.

3d Spaces

Explore fully interactive environments

Interactions and experiences are pivotal in keeping online attendees engaged. Vevomo creates immersive, interactive 3D spaces to enhance the attendee journey. Your event world can be anything you want it to be. You’re no longer stuck in a ballroom or bland convention center. You’re not limited by the number of attendees.

The only limit is your imagination.

Experience engine

Guide your attendees’ journey

Create a shared event environment for all of your attendees by managing their event journey to ensure they catch key sessions and group happenings.

The Experience Engine creates a shared experience through:

Move everyone to the same place or move segmented audiences to assigned breakouts

Theme Change
A programmed platform-wide changeover of branding or theme

Overlays and Pop Ups
Motion graphics and/or messages displayed at targeted times to provide attendees with immediate information

Audio Effects
Audio playback within the platform at targeted times – ie. VOG or time check

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But wait, there’s more!