Virtual Event

Best Practices

There are a wide range of options for managing virtual events. The best results are achieved when planners integrate all of the key components of a live event: education, inspiration, engagement, and community. Regardless of the platform, we follow these best practices as well as our years of experience in live and broadcast events.


Strategize and define clear goals. Then develop (and publish) a detailed agenda that translates across all time zones. Consider hyper-targeting.


Consider how much time a remote audience can pay attention. Deliver content in shorter portions with more breaks.


Technology is more advanced and more abundant than ever. The potential for how we can deliver content in a compelling way is boundless.


We need to change our approach to what an event is, and how it looks and feels. A virtual event shouldn’t try to replicate a live event. In a virtual world, we aren’t bound by the same space and time constraints as a live event. Think: unbound.


Think about the remote audience experience and customize your platform. Just because this is virtual, it doesn’t mean the experience shouldn’t be as interactive and inspiring. Make the remote audience experience just as compelling as a live audience experience. Think beyond chat rooms while thinking about community and interaction (see #3).


Use FOMO to your advantage. Strategically plan your live moments during key times and build anticipation (“buzz”) to make these moments “can’t miss” opportunities. Suggestion for these moments: live Q&A with presenter and/or influencer.


Allow your remote viewer to personalize their experience. This may be through their dashboard, or as simple as customizing their own agenda.The more they’ve built their own experience, the more engaged they will be.


Hire a live host, even if they are broadcasting live from their living room. This live host appears only at pre-planned times, and interviews remote viewers as well as presenters throughout the event. They highlight important pre-recorded sessions and drive viewership. But if the world allows…broadcast the host live from an XR rig with a small audience.


Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse…Even (or especially) if presenters are broadcasting from their home “offices.” This should be done with a producer, speaker coach,
and content producer.


Rely on production and event professionals to create a custom event. Let us help you avoid the click away or channel change.

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